2017 Wedding Packages

  Perfect wedding packages start with a vision and a lot of planning. Lighting is often the most overlooked detail and often the last item included in the budget. When planning for your wedding, Lighting packages are one of the most important things to include. Here are some reasons why: Lighting helps photographers get those perfect…


Vintage Steam Punk Designs

Vintage Steam Punk Lighting Design We are in the midst of a new era with elegant and funky lighting designs. Whether you need an office desk lamp or a custom light fixture for your kitchen, bathroom or living area, we can create the exact look you desire. Gleason’s Lighting has been in business for six…


Wedding ceremony and reception lighting

  Your wedding should as painless as possible. Gleason’s Lighting has perfected the art of incorporating lighting and décor packages to simplify the process of wedding planning. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant or a rustic and relic ceremony and reception, you’ve found the right place. Creating a classy look for your venue starts…