Haven Color Changing Lighting Systems

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With Haven Lighting, you can make a big impact right away. Our simple setup process requires no training, and our products are easy to install. In fact, our installation process is comparable to any other landscape light on the market, but ours comes with the industry leading features and reliability your family will love.

Haven landscape lighting is one of the most versatile outdoor lighting systems on the market today. You can choose to illuminate your walkways with brilliant white light or highlight your exterior features with a range of radiant color options. Either way, you have complete control of brightness and color with our simple Haven Smartphone App.


Through the user friendly app, you will also be able to set up calendar based scheduling. This means that you can program your house to light up red and green from December 1st through December 31st, and it will automatically switch to that set up in December, not only this year, but every year going forward. Love Halloween? Use the app to schedule orange and purple lighting on October 31st, and your trick-or-treaters will never be disappointed. With calendar based scheduling, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood all year long!

Suttle Touches Of light

It's amazing what just a touch of color can do to change the entire look.  With the Haven Lighting full color landscape lighting system you are able to add a subtle hint of color to highlight specific trees or architectural features of your home.  As you can see this classy look of a small change on the trees changes the entire landscape bringing in the pinks and purples from the flowers.  The best part is that you have full control and are able to schedule it or change the color from classic white to any color with just a touch of a button on the Haven app. 



Unique Features

Don’t settle for basic lighting, when Haven Lighting can do so much more.

Our landscape lighting products offer: 

A Variety of Color Options
Our lighting offers a broad range of color options in addition to our Classic White LED lighting. Our hand-selected radiant hues will add a festive touch to your home any day of the year.

Full Brightness and Temperature Control
Control the color and brightness of your light to best suit your home. Whether you want a bright white to illuminate walkways or a softer shade to highlight your home’s architecture, you can make the change with the touch of a button.

Durable Brass or Aluminum Finishing
Our fixtures not only look great, they are durable, too. Whether it’s rain, snow, or sunshine, you can count on our landscape lighting to stand up to the elements.

Smart Phone App
Our user friendly app allows you to control your lights from anywhere! You can also schedule your lights to change colors for holidays, game days, or any special occasion. No need for last minute stress, set it in advance and forget it! Haven Lighting has it covered.

Simple Home Automation
With Haven Lighting, there are no confusing timers or unreliable light sensors. Use the app to simply schedule your lights to come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, and it will happen every day.

How RGBW Landscape Lights WorkThe lighting management system on our Haven smart phone app makes customization and scheduling a breeze. With the touch of a button, you can adjust brightness and set a daily lighting preference. Simply set your lights to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, for instance, and you’ll have lighting when you need it every day. You can also use the calendar based scheduling system to ensure your home is ready for any occasion. Schedule your house to turn red for Christmas and green for St. Patrick’s Day, and it will happen this year and every year after. It really is that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are LED lights?
  • What if I need to change the position on the lights – is this easy to do?
  • How do I fix my landscape lights?
  • Does this product require maintenance?
  • What is a transformer and why do I need one?
  • Can I install landscape lights myself?
  • How many lights do I need?
  • Are landscape lights waterproof?

      Outdoor lighting fixtures are made to be placed outside in all kinds of weather and all seasons. If installed properly and with the proper maintenance needed for your specific lighting system, you will have no problems with weather adversely affecting your lights. Always consider hiring a professional when installing your landscape lighting system.

  • What kind of landscape light bulbs do I need?
  • Can you change the color of landscape lights?

      The simple answer is yes! We provide the highest quality lights on the market with color changing technology. With programmable options and wireless technology, the sky's the limit.

  • Do my landscape lights have warranty?

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